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HTC Desire to gain DivX playback via future update

For those of you eagerly waiting for the HTC Desire to launch in the United States, we have some good news. Mobile Tech World attended a recent event hosted by HTC and found out the Desire will be getting DivX playback support. They say the feature will be added via a future software update (most likely OTA). Previous Android phones like the LG Eve and Samsung Galaxy Spica have included DivX playback, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in a HTC Android phone. Now that HTC has some kind of agreement with DivX, it’s always possible we could see this feature added to other HTC devices.

Source: MobileTechWorld

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  1. legendary1022Guest 5 years ago

    I’ve been switching back and forth between Cyanogen and the Desire ROM on my N1 and now I can’t wait till this get integrated into the XDA roms. DIVX playback, another added ability for rooted phones lol

  2. nithin jinoGuest 5 years ago

    Any info about the desire coming to the USA?

  3. AlexpeegsGuest 5 years ago

    Nexus One plz i mean isn’t the N1 and desire like the same o_0

  4. HTC Desire likely headed to U.S. Cellular – Everything Tech. News Delivered.Guest 5 years ago

    [...] HTC Desire to gain DivX playback via future update [...]

  5. st1vGuest 5 years ago

    1.) Desire is around 5-10% better than the nexus 1.
    2.) Just install Divx Demo Player Beta(300kb) into the phone. It already has like 12 codecs in it for all kind of video playback, And it works like a charm. Not sure about the subtitles since I rarely use them.

  6. Samsung Galaxy Spica out on Rogers for $80 on contract | Android and MeGuest 2 years ago

    [...] The processor weighs in at 800 Mhz, making it one of the faster (on paper anyway) Android devices on the market. The capacitive 3.2 inch screen at 320×480 is fine, but an AMOLED or preferably Samsung’s new “Super AMOLED” would have been particularly nice to see. Internal memory is pegged at only 150 MB which is definitely going to fill up really quick on you. DivX support is still fairly unique and welcome, although HTC will be bringing it soon as well. [...]