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HTC Supersonic is a “groundbreaking device”, announcement coming tomorrow

Maybe all the rumors and speculation are wrong, but all signs point to Sprint announcing their first 4G handset tomorrow. Sprint plans to cover 120 million people with their 4G WiMax by the end of 2010 and the HTC Supersonic could be the first Android phone to support the network.

These are the Droids has posted a leaked screen from the Sprint Premier Customer Rewards program which states an “exciting announcement about a groundbreaking new device” is coming tomorrow. Engadget has also posted details which confirm the report.

I could be in the minority, but I think the Supersonic is the most desirable phone of  many that could be revealed during CTIA. I live in a Sprint 4G city so I’m ready to buy this phone as soon as it goes on sale. Coming from a Nexus One, I am also interested in the larger 4.3 inch display.

Is 4G data an important feature for an Android phone or is it all hype?

Visit us tomorrow for the announcement.

Source: These are the Droids

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