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Inbrics M1 combines 1 GHz CPU with 5-row hardware keyboard

Android phones continue to get faster with each new release, but most of the high-end devices lack a physical keyboard. Many Android users who purchased a G1 have been holding out for a “Snapdragon slider” (or any phone with a 1 GHz CPU and physical keyboard).

Inbrics is a Korean company that is one of the first to actually produce a high-powered Android phone with a full qwerty keyboard. The Inbrics M1 is one of the thinnest Android sliders and it features a 3.7 inch display, dual cameras, 16 GB of built-in storage, and a 1 GHz CPU (Samsung C110). The M1 is also running Android 2.1.

Unfortunately the Inbrics M1 will not include a 3G radio at this time, but users could still make phone calls using VOIP via the built in WiFi connection. Because of this, Inbrics is available to target a lower price point and hopes to launch the device around the “low $200 range”.

The M1 was actually being displayed at CES, but we totally missed it on the massive show floor. Thankfully, Engadget caught up with Inbrics and captured the device on video. Note that the phone was originally using a 800 MHz CPU and performance should be increased since then.

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Source: Netbook News

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