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Seesmic adds proxy support and UI improvements

As long as there is no official app for Twitter, I will continue to swap 3rd party clients pretty much every month. My most recent selection has been Seesmic, which our readers voted as their favorite last month (by a wide margin).

So far I have enjoyed Seesmic for its simple navigation, speedy performance, and multi account support. I also like the regular updates that come about once a month (I’m looking at you Twidroid). Those most recent update includes some nice UI tweaks (like improved notifications) and adds proxy support.

Seesmic says they will have a separate post to go into more details on the proxy support so I’m interested to see where that goes. They are releasing a Seesmic SDK for their desktop client, so it looks like plugin support could find its way to the Android client.

The list of Seesmic updates includes:

  • Improvement to notifications (new icon, count of messages in icon and bug fixes)
  • Tap on the top red bar to jump to the top of any timeline (with tutorial)
  • Proxy support, on a per account basis
  • SSL support, on a per account basis
  • User Interface fixes, including for Motorola Blur OS
  • Added a setting to automatically launch the application at startup of the phone (Settings > Advanced)

If you have never used Seesmic for Twitter, give the new version a spin. If you already have it installed then I suggest checking out some other new clients (like Touiteur or Twicca). For an insanely detailed Twitter app comparison chart go visit Androinica and read Andrew’s take on 13 different clients.

Source: Seesmic

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