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Handcent SMS: The Flexible Messaging App


Although the stock Android messaging application gets the job done, it remains a relatively bare bones utility. Handcent SMS is a messaging replacement application for the Android platform that offers a flexible and highly customizable user experience for all versions of Android.

Where Handcent SMS thrives is in the volume of customization the user is given. Functionality such as pop up messages, custom notification icons, LED colors, fonts, skins and background images are some of the major elements the user can take control of.

One of the most useful features of the application is the Quick Reply function. Akin to the application SMS Popup, Handcent SMS allows users to deliver a quick reply without having to pull down the notification bar and fully dive into the application. When multiple messages appear, the user can simply swipe through to read them all. This function, like many others in the application, can be toggled on or off and has several customization options.

Handcent SMS supports a slew of multimedia message options, supports Android 2.x voice dictation, offers several font packages, a flexible batch mode and a text-to-speech function for messages with a (free) download.


  • Free
  • Available to all platforms of Android
  • Deep user customization


  • Sometimes laggy and sluggish

Final Verdict

Handcent SMS is a great messaging replacement application and can be made as useful as the user wishes. When considered against the stock Android messaging application, it wins hands down.

Note: This review was submitted by Brendan O’Neil as part of our app review contest.

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