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Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper: Double-tap to engage warp engines

What dreamy-eyed boy hasn’t looked up at the stars and wanted to see them speeding past at warp? Well now you can! The once-popular screen saver for Microsoft Windows has made a comeback as a live wallpaper for Android. You can imagine you’re looking out the window of a Federation starship as it traverses the quadrant while you navigate your homescreens. As you swipe to a different homescreen panel, the perspective of the starfield changes letting you see a 180 degree arrangement of stars.

The app lets you add a fixed background behind the moving stars, which looks quite nice but can slow down performance quite considerably. You can also customize the number of stars in the field and also the speed at which they fly past the screen. You can also double tap on the screen to get the warp stretching effect as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Live wallpapers are known for their detriment to your phone’s battery life, but I haven’t noticed any change in my battery life since having Starfield running. The app is also the best performing live wallpaper I’ve seen so far. It runs perfectly on my HTC Magic with absolutely no lag, even when swiping homescreens.

Final Verdict

I was a bit sceptical about the live wallpaper idea at first, and the ones that come standard with Android 2.1 didn’t do anything to change that. Since installing Starfield however, I’ve realized how awesome they really are. I will definitely be keeping this as the wallpaper on my phone since it just adds a little extra pizazz to the device. And since it’s free, you’re almost losing money by not trying it out.

The goods:

  • Customizable starfield with optional static background
  • Change viewpoint as homescreens pan
  • Great performance on lower end phones

Needs improving:

  • The only thing I have to criticize is the laggy performance when the background is enabled. In saying that, it probably performs fine on a faster phone such as the Nexus One.

Special Notes: Live wallpapers are only supported on Android 2.1, so you’ll need either a Nexus One/Desire or a Droid/Milestone, or you could take a trip over to xda-developers and hook yourself up with a custom ROM.

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Note: This review was submitted by James Finnigan as part of our app review contest.

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