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EGGGZ: It’s okay to put all your EGGGZ in one basket


Constantly seeking games to distract and lure my significant other into understanding my phone fetish, I downloaded EGGGZ Lite for free from the market. Developed by Smartpix Games, the developers of Jewellust, it puts you in the place of an understaffed farmer with a shack for a farm.

The game is actually a very simple tap-and-collect format, where you hustle to nab all the regular and golden eggs. Some golden eggs can provide bonuses to prevent egg breaks, add lives, and slow down the onslaught. Better still they are your currency to upgrade your farm’s size and even add animals to protect and distract against nuisances like overly fertile hens and thieving raccoons.

While the game play is simple, EGGGZ Lite is a great distraction and can become addicting. The game has two modes Campaign and World Championship. You start in campaign and once you’ve developed your farm enough can also play World Championship, where you compete for high score with the world.

Another benefit of EGGGZ Lite is that you hardly notice that it is not the full version. Playing the game I kept waiting to see limitations and was surprised to find none. I honestly had to stop and think before realizing that the only thing I’m missing is a profile. If you buy the game you will actually be able to have seven profiles and they’ll be secured online, but the only time you’ll need a profile is for World Championship mode. If you’re hooked until your farm is eligible to play World Championship, buy the game (support the developers!).

The Good

  • Cute Graphics
  • Provides most features of the game despite being ‘lite’ version
  • ‘Safe Start’ Feature to avoid force close issue in previous versions

Needs Improvement

  • Did experience lag periodically
  • The ability to tap the raccoon and send him away would be helpful
  • Farmer could look, well, more like a farmer

Final Verdict

EGGGZ lite is not a tool to convert anyone to ‘Team Android.’ My girlfriend in fact was mostly concerned with why the farmer had no overalls, and why was he a pilgrim. Nonetheless, at no charge EGGGZ lite is definitely worth giving a shot when in need of a distraction. Its easy to learn game play and ‘Safe Start’ feature make it perfect game for a work break or short trip.

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Note: This review was submitted by Darius Bazemore as part of our app review contest.

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