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5 reasons Flash 10.1 will debut at Google I/O

If you read our Android 2.2 preview yesterday, you might have noticed I speculated that the Flash 10.1 beta could make an appearance next month. Sometimes my predictions are way off, but Flash 10.1 is overdue and the evidence is beginning to mount that a release is near. The following is a quick list of reasons I think we will see Flash 10.1 on May 19th at Google I/O.

1. Adobe Flash 10.1 and Air 2 beta signups

I start with this point because it is the most obvious and it comes directly from Adobe. Early this week Adobe began taking applications for public betas of Flash 10.1 and Air 2 for Android. In a post on The Flash Blog it was revealed that private betas had already begun with developers.

2. Flash 10.1 coming in the first half of 2010

We originally thought Flash 10.1 had been delayed till the second half of 2010, but we were wrong. Flash evangelist Serge Jespers was quick to point out that Flash 10.1 was still on track for a 1H 2010 release. That leaves about two months before it should be available.

3. Andy Rubin blogs about Flash for Android on the Adobe blogs

Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin, just authored a guest post on the Adobe Featured Blogs. He specifically mentions Google I/O and says we will learn more at the event.

“We also look forward to all the innovative content and applications created for Android and Flash. Join us at Google I/O in May to learn more about our work together with Adobe to open up the world of Flash on mobile devices.”Andy Rubin>Google

4. New version of Android with embedded Flash support

I already authored an entire post on this, but I think Android 2.2 will also debut at Google I/O. There is evidence that 2.2 is already in testing and signs that new Android features will be revealed at Google I/O.

Android engineer Chris Nesladek and a few others will lead a session titled Android UI design patterns. Part of their discussion will focus on “new patterns which will get an I/O-only preview”. There is also the session A JIT Compiler for Android’s Dalvik VM which is another new Android feature.

5. Flash devs are already making Android apps

What good is the beta of Flash 10.1 without some apps to try it out? Adobe has already provided many devs with early access to Flash and Air, while Google has supplied them with free phones.

If you visit The Flash Blog, Adobe has already listed a dozen Android apps which use Flash and Air. Each app has a corresponding blog post and video, so it looks like the devs have had access for awhile. I expect most of these guys will be at I/O to show off their work.

Source: Adobe Featured Blogs

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