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Celebrity Android User: Morgan Webb

To speak of technology in popular culture one must include Morgan Webb. On TechTV (RIP) she was on The Screen Savers and Call For Help from 2001 to 2003. She then became co-host of X-Play, the only program to survive the merger of TechTV with G4, which recently aired it’s 1,000th episode. In addition Morgan has had a monthly column in FHM entitled “Tips From The Gaming Goddess” and has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, Chelsea Lately and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And we are proud to announce she is an Android user.

Androidandme: You are amazingly beautiful and at the same time you are incredibly knowledgeable about tech and video games. Do you find that people underestimate your knowledge because of your looks?

Morgan Webb: There is unfortunately sexism in every industry. I will spare you the tirade.

Androidandme: You have been able to do some very cool things because of your job: You have demoed Punch Out on the Jimmy Fallon Show, you travel to Tokyo every year for the Tokyo Game Show, etc. What have been some highlights that stand out for you?

Morgan Webb: Honestly what stands out for me on X-Play are the people. I am so lucky to work with people who are so passionate and knowledgeable about games. We have a great time at work every day, and we are a family (a weird, dysfunctional family, but you get the idea).

Androidandme: In your travels to Japan and around the world, what are some the most bizarre gadgets you have seen?

Morgan Webb: I remember seeing netbooks (before they were called netbooks) at a Japanese electronics store years before anyone had heard of them in the US. They were just these crazy tiny computers and I remember wanting one so bad (but they only came in Japanese, which was an issue). Years later Asus brought the eeepc to the States and everyone thought they were this brand new thing. I don’t understand why no one thought an American would want a tiny computer before.

Androidandme: You have done several segments for The Tyra Banks Show. Is Tyra Banks as crazy in person as she seems on TV?

Morgan Webb: I have only talked to her for a few minutes, but she seemed very nice and was cool to me, so that’s all I can really tell you.

Androidandme: What is your current Android device? Have you used any other devices?

Morgan Webb: I switched from the iPhone to the Nexus One as soon as it came out. I was actually one of the first people to get the Nexus One. I had been interested in the Android platform before, but the Droid is too big and bulky to be practical. The Nexus One was the perfect time for me to switch, and I’ve been very happy with it.

Androidandme: Why did you choose an Android phone and not an iPhone?

Morgan Webb: I had an iPhone for several years and was unhappy with the lack of customization options. I find the iPhone very paternalistic — it won’t allow you to delete certain icons, for example. I’m sure they’re trying to save the user from confusion when they accidentally delete their phone icon, but I appreciate the flexibility I have with Android. I think the iPhone is right for a lot of people, but power users will probably be as unsatisfied as I was. Also, I can run more than one application at once. I like to gloat about that.

Androidandme: Do you think the iPhone and Android devices will be the new platforms for mobile gaming?

Morgan Webb: I think the iPhone and Android will be platforms for mobile gaming, but not the only platforms. These devices do have an advantage over the DS and PSP in that they are always with the owner. A guy with limited pocket space is going to leave his DS at home, but he’ll have his phone and will download and play casual games. It’s going to be a powerful platform, but the DS and PSP both offer a valuable play experience as well, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Androidandme: What’s coming up for Morgan Webb? What new projects are your working on?

Morgan Webb: That’s a secret, but I hope to be able to tell you guys about it soon!

A big thanks to Morgan Webb for taking time out to answer our questions. Do you know of a Celebrity Android User? Let us know.

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