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Droid Does Incredible TV campaign

Motorola and Verizon spent a combined $100 million to advertise the original Droid and it resulted in the best selling Android device to date. The Droid is now the second best selling smartphone (behind the iPhone) and accounts for up to 17% of AdMob’s U.S. smartphone requests. Even the latest platform version breakdown from Google suggest that the Droid could account for up to 30% of all Android handsets that access the Market.

We were wondering if the Droid Incredible would receive the same treatment and it appears a similar campaign is in store. Verizon has already launched an Incredible mini site and the first ad spot just appeared on YouTube. We have also spotted Incredible ad banners on many of our favorite tech blogs.

Keep an eye our for Incredible ads and let us know what you find.

From Verizon Wireless: Forget what you thought you knew because you’ve never seen a DROID like this. The DROID INCREDIBLE, nothing short of its name.

Source: YouTube

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