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Flash 10.1 and Froyo are scheduled for a June release

Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch, wrote a brief blog post on Adobe’s site yesterday as a response to Steve Job’s load of explanation for why they are not using Flash on their mobile devices.

The closing paragraph contains the nugget of information that we are interested in.

We look forward to delivering Flash Player 10.1 for Android smartphones as a public preview at Google I/O in May, and then a general release in June. Kevin Lynch Adobe CTO

So we finally have confirmation of our speculations regarding the big unveiling coming at Google I/O. Pairing this with Andy Rubin’s statements that support for Flash 10.1 comes in Froyo we can reasonably conclude that Froyo will debut alongside Flash at I/O and that the release of both will be coming to some Android users in June. Still up in the air is who those users will be and of course the exact date.

Now as we all know (and as they will proudly tell you) the N1 users are likely to be the first existing users to upgrade to it, with Droid Classic (Yes I just made that up) users possibly being in the mix there as well. But there has to be a launch device to go with it right? The Evo 4G seems like the obvious choice with a release date of June 6th or 13th and features which we already know stack up favorably with Cupertino’s latest, but everything released thus far has it pegged as an Android 2.1 device at launch.

So do you think Google is going to forgo a Flashy (pardon the pun) launch device this time, surprise us with the Evo 4G running Android 2.2 (which would be good news for you Incredible owners), or is there a stealth Android 2.2 device out there that we don’t know about yet?

Source: Adobe

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