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New Android Market rolling out, developers gain feedback experiment

I was browsing AppAware this morning and noticed many clients were reporting a new version of Android Market was being pushed out. We asked our Tweeters if they noticed anything new and no one could spot anything different.

After logging in to our Market developer console, I spotted a new feedback experiment that looks ready to roll out. Not a lot of information is available at the moment, but it looks like devs will be able to get reports when their app crashes or freezes.

Just last week someone leaked screens of a new Market client that featured automatic updates, but I have not seen that feature implemented yet. Who knows, maybe I’m just lacking the latest version (I’m at 1713). If you want to check your Market client, go to Settings > Application settions > Manage applications > Market.

Look for another update as we gather more information.

Source: AppAware

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