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Official Nexus One car dock en route

Update: The Nexus One Car Dock is now available for $55 at the Google phone store.

We have heard several stories over the last couple of weeks about new things appearing on the Google phone store, but each time the page is quickly returned to normal.

Today one of our readers spotted the highly anticipated official car dock listed for $55, but he was unable to order it because the item was listed as temporarily unavailable. He did manage to grab the link to the Car Dock help page so it appears this item is coming soon.

The car dock uses bluetooth to communicate with the Nexus One and automatically establishes a connection when the phone is inserted. The Car Home application is then launched with allows the user easy access to Maps and Navigation, Contacts, and Voice Search. Built-in speakers provide music playback and calls using the speakerphone.

From GoogleThe Nexus One Car Dock is the perfect place to put your phone when you’re in the car. In addition to holding your Nexus One, the car dock also charges your phone’s battery, lets you use your phone handsfree, and provides easier access to voice and navigation apps.

The dock’s built-in speakers and volume controls also enhance the in-car music and media experience. And the Car Home app, which loads automatically, makes it easy to access Maps and Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Music.

You can mount the dock on the windshield or dashboard, and it ships with an adhesive disc that lets you attach it to a textured surface as well. The dock comes with a charger to fit into your car’s 12V utility socket, and the holder can rotate for flexible orientation.

From the car dock user's guide.

[Thank you Brett for the tip]

Source: Nexus One Help

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