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The Droid Incredible is sold out online

4 years ago 15

Apparently you can add incredible demand to the list of adjectives describing Verizon’s latest and greatest. The Droid Incredible sold out on Verizon’s site about 6 hours after its official launch (pre-orders of course have been open for 10 days now).

Never fear if you didn’t get your order in yet as the wait for the next shipment won’t be too long, orders placed as of this posting will ship on May 4th. You can try heading down to your local Verizon retail location, but depending on your location you may want to try looking them up and giving a call first.

If you want to get a real steal on the Incredible don’t forget that your friendly neighborhood Android and Me Store has a special discounted introductory price available right now.

If anyone has picked up or received their Incredible already I’m sure everyone would love to hear some first impressions.