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Verizon Does… have some of the best Android commercials

Verizon Wireless spent over 100 million to advertise their Motorola Droid and the campaign paid off big time. The Droid sold 1 million units within 74 days of launch, which was quicker than the original iPhone. Verizon continues to heavily market the device and it solidly holds the top spot as most popular Android phone available.

We can all thank the Droid Does TV spots for raising awareness of Google’s mobile operating system. Most of our friends still have no clue what Android is, but at least they can identify a Droid phone now.

I’m not going to point fingers, but I think other carriers could learn from Verizon’s strategy. We like ads that actually show the phone being used and at least mention the Android platform. As Verizon puts it, “See what it feels like to have a cargo bay of intelligent apps at your fingertips.”

Verizon is keeping a good thing going by continuing to pump out new ads. Two new TV spots are starting to air which highlight the ever expanding Android Market. One focuses on Google Sky Map while the other is centered around Slacker Radio (while poking fun at the iPhone’s lack of true multitasking).

Check out the latest videos and let us know what you think.

Via: DroidDog

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