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Which upcoming Android phone is black, red, or white and features a Genius button?

Genius logo.

Major props go to AndroidGuys for uncovering the “Genius Button” on the leaked pics of the upcoming myTouch Slide. Instead of the traditional search button on HTC Android phones, we now have a new G logo. T-Mobile has apparently registered a trademark on this G and already developed a matching Genius Button application.

Details are limited, but the Genius button is said to trigger the voice input. Google has been implementing more and more voice commands into the Android operating system (like “navigate to” or “post buzz”) and the myTouch Slide could feature new abilities. Google has previously used T-Mobile to launch new Android features, so maybe this device could coincide with the next firmware release.

Also unveiled today was the fact that the myTouch Slide will come in three colors which include black, red, and white. This is no major surprise since the original T-Mobile myTouch 3G also shipped with similar options.

The Slide is rumored for a May 17 launch, so expect more details to be revealed soon. We are hearing some interesting rumors on the CPU speed (600-750 MHz), so it will be refreshing to see exactly which processor model was used. Early speculation said the Slide would feature an ARM11 based chipset, but maybe we will see a Cortex-A8 design instead (so it can support Flash 10.1).

p.s. Speaking of button layouts, why does HTC randomly rotate the order of back, home, menu, and search with every new Android device?

The Genius Button.

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Source: Android Guys

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