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MyBackup Pro: A ROM flashers lifesaver


If there is one thing a rooted phone user does most, it’s flashing. What I found most annoying when I first rooted my phone was the lack of good backup software. I could flash three to four times a day trying the latest and greatest of what some new developer was able to port to the G1. The only problem was, when I found a good ROM that I liked, getting it back to the way I had it before was extremely time consuming. Things like changing the notifications and re-downloading all of my applications were taking forever. I had lost hope of finding a good solution until I found MyBackup Pro.

With the latest update, you now have the ability to back up everything to your SD Card or the Online Storage (50mb). This application can back up everything, including your SMS, MMS, Settings and Home Settings. To the stock user this may not even hit your radar, but to an everyday flasher, this is a lifesaver. With MyBackup Pro you can save hours of time and just restore all of your data to your new ROM.

Along with saving a lot of time for rooted users, this application is easy to use. There aren’t a whole lot of options for the user and the interface is pretty straight forward. Once you click on Backup, it’ll ask you exactly what you need, where you want to save it, and get the task done for you. The same speed is noticed in the restore as well. It’s a bulk one click install, which is nice because some of the free apps in the category require you to click “install” for each application you have.
NOTE: The more data/applications you have, the longer it’ll take.

The Good:

  • One click install for applications
  • Easy interface
  • Does the job well
  • Able to restore across software versions: meaning going from 1.6 to 2.1 is no sweat!

The Bad:

  • If you back out of the application while it’s working, you’ll have to start over
  • When restoring Android Home, it won’t restore your widgets.

Final Verdict

Overall this app does so much for $4.99. It is a lifesaver.

Note: This review was submitted by Alan Reboli as part of our app review contest.

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