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Ringdroid: Hassle free custom ringtones


Obtaining specific ringtones has been a shared endeavor amongst cell phone users for years. From alleged “free online tones” to custom editing software, people have made all sorts of attempts to hear a certain “jingle” when someone calls their phone. However, Android users no longer have to endure any ringtone related struggles.

Ringdroid is a hassle free custom ringtone application that runs right on the user’s device. You can select a song from your music folder and load it directly into the program. Once loaded, Ringdroid allows you to edit and save the ringtone for your own personal use. Ringdroid uses a timeline editing tool similar to those found in professional music production software. Once completed, you can save your file as a regular music file, alarm, notification or normal ringtone. You also have the option to set it as a default ring or to a specific contact.

Ringdroid is as efficient as you can get for a mobile audio editing application. You can zoom in and out of the time table and even specify start and end times down to one hundredth of a second. There are no options available for loop play while editing, most likely because it could annoy the user after prolonged use. On the negative side, the program closes once you’ve completed creating a file. This can be inconvenient when trying to make multiple ringtones.

Possibly the best aspect of Ringdroid is that its free. Completely uncompromised editing and saving at no cost to you.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate editing tools
  • Alarm and notification options
  • Contact and default ringtone options built in
  • Free


  • Closes after a ringtone is completed

Final Verdict

Any person who wants a ringtone other than what is on their phone should install Ringdroid. It’s a free, practical application that makes customizing your Android device that much easier.

Note: This review was submitted by Michael Sechler as part of our app review contest.

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