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Weather & Toggle Widget: Easily personalize your weather settings

“Is my hair going to be frizzy today?” “How many sets of long johns should I wear?” Both are common questions asked daily. Most people rely on the weather man; some rely on their godly ability to forecast the weather themselves, but with the Weather & Toggle Widget you’ll never have to guess again.

The Weather & Toggle Widget, developed by Android Apps, is extremely detailed and a fully functional app for the most finicky of weather watchers. It is beautifully designed and highly customizable – allowing users to have a system that reflects their personality as well as weather and toggle switches right on their desktop!

The weather widget itself is comprised of a flip clock as the prominent feature and the weather embedded into the same widget, so you not only get the weather, you also get a very nice clock that is easy to read. The weather widget has many settings to further customize the widget, such as Fahrenheit and Celsius settings, and an option to choose another program when you click on the weather part of the widget, (which also brings up a separate dialog to forecast the rest of the week). The weather dialog portion also has an add-on found in the Market that gives extra capabilities to the widget, such as animated clouds and other related images. Also, one very cool feature is the screen shots option to show images of your area and the surrounding areas, which gives a user a visual heads up to what they could encounter on their way to wherever it is they’re heading.

In addition, the Weather & Toggle Widget includes a set of toggle switches that allow the user a quick and easy way to change particular settings on their phone with a simple click of the widget – including brightness level, GPS, WIFI and more.

To top it all off, Android Apps provides a method to “theme” the widget along with the toggle switches, which completes the customization we all enjoy. The themes add a skin to the widget, as well as images associated with the widget. The theme also skins the toggle switches to provide a complete custom look.

The Weather & Toggle Widget is a paid or “donate” version which costs $1.99. There is a free version which does not come with all of the features of the Weather & Toggle Widget; it does, however, still allow themes and other customizations. Android Apps also developed add-on packs for the free version to include some of the paid features to the non-paid widget.

The Goods:

  • The ability to completely theme the entire widget and accompanying widgets.
  • The ability to choose a separate program to open, which allows for quicker use of resources.
  • Accurate weather
  • Animated forecasts
  • Screen shots from surrounding areas
  • Large, skinable, flip clock
  • Toggle widgets that can also be skinned or “themed”
  • A free and donate version to allow one to “try before you buy”
  • Excellent support, if anything happens to fail.

The Bad:

  • Would like to see more themes
  • Sometimes can be buggy, but not often enough to destroy its performance.
  • The widget must be excluded from any task killer list (not really a bad thing, but a requirement)

Final Verdict

The Weather & Toggle Widget by Android Apps is a fully featured and highly customizable widget that boasts sleekness and efficiency that a smart phone user has come to expect. If you need a nice flip clock, weather forecast and toggle switches for ease of use, then this is for you. With the Weather & Toggle Widget, you will never have to squint to see the time, worry if your hair will look like a 70’s rock band mid-day or harness your godly forecasting abilities – you can save your powers for something a bit more useful!

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Note: This review was submitted by Phillip Toohill as part of our app review contest.

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