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XDA Mobile App – Developer forums on the go

I’m pretty sure if you’ve been around the Android scene long enough, you’ve seen some mention of the website called “XDA-Developers.” While there are now several forums for Android development, XDA seems to maintain its position as the forerunner. XDA (the app) is not much more than the entire XDA website, formatted for the viewing pleasure of all its loyal Android readers.

All of the functionality of mobile formatting are all really there. Access to PMs, creating, reading, replying to forum topics, and main news are all very easy to get to, and back and forth from. Viewing images and adding posts to your favorites (by long holding on the thread and clicking subscribe) are easily my favorite reasons for this app.

There have been some complaints about the slowness of the app and, not to say it’s blisteringly fast, but in my experience I’ve found it actually easier to get what I’m looking for within the app than from the full site. There are some formatting issues as far as tags in posts coming across in plain text in the app that wouldn’t have been seen from the full website.

The Good

  • Free
  • Easy Access to XDA

Needs Improvement

  • A few small loading times in between jumps
  • Minor post tag formatting troubles

Final Verdict

If you’re a developer or just somebody who frequents XDA enough to visit the site from your phone more than once, you’ll probably get some real use out of it. It’s a neat little way to keep tabs on your favorite developers and projects. Knowing XDA I’m sure there’s going to be several updates to the app itself and hopefully work out some of the current kinks to the system.

Developer’s Webpage http://www.xda-developers.com

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Note: This review was submitted by Max Whittingham as part of our app review contest.

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