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Doodle Jump: Propel your Doodler to the Top!

There are a wave of iPhone apps that are being ported to Android in hopes of building on the success the developers have had in Apple’s App Store. One of the more popular of these apps released in recent months is Doodle Jump, a game developed by Lima Sky.

Doodle Jump is a platform game where your bounce your doodler onward and upward from platform to platform to earn as many points as you can. Several bonus items such as propeller hats and jetpacks can be found along the way for an extra boost. You will also encounter bad guys and you must tap on the screen to shoot them with green balls that fly out of your nose, which is equally gross and awesome at the same time.

Where Doodle Jump really stands out for me is the way it makes you feel that this is really something that could be going through a kid/teenager/college student’s mind as they’re sitting through another boring class. The background is set on graph paper, and the Doodler and foes alike are simple sketches that anyone really could have drawn. This game just feels like something I would have doodled while sitting in 9th grade algebra, or even college level calculus for that matter. The graphics, though simple, are just done well and have this way of making the gamer relate to it in some way.

In addition to standard single-player, Doodle Jump also has a multiplayer option where you and up to 7 others take turns trying to get your doodler as high as you can, and the highest score wins. That being said, the multiplayer option can only be done on a single phone, there is no option for online multiplayer.

Before getting your hopes up too much, there are a few significant drawbacks to the game. First, though this game will work on most Android devices, several users are reporting it to be extremely laggy on all but the newest snapdragon-powered devices (Nexus One, Droid Incredible, etc.). I reviewed this game on a Nexus One, and had no issues with lag nor had any problems with gameplay in general, but users with other phones should be wary.

Second, the Android version simply does not have as many features as its iPhone counterpart, and Lima Sky does not seem too intent on updating the app since it is still sitting at version 1.0 a few months after release. iPhone users enjoy features such as additional bonus items and new/different scenes, which would add tremendous value for this game.

Third, and speaking of value, Doodle Jump is listed on the Android Market at $3.99, which is four times the $.99 it’s currently going for on Apple’s App Store. It’s a bit tough to swallow paying four times the amount of money for something that has half the features, especially when there are free and/or cheaper alternatives currently on the Android Market.


  • Addictive gameplay. I sat down for several hours without being able to put this game down.
  • Graphics/graphical theme is phenomenal. The student doodle concept really works well for me.
  • Bonus items are pretty dang fun and a nice addition to this game.


  • Only works well on the newest devices (Nexus One, Droid Incredible)
  • $3.99 price point
  • Lacks several features from it’s iPhone counterpart.

Final Verdict: Though this game is very addictive, I simply don’t think this game is worth $3.99 until several features are added and bugs are worked out. Once some of these things are fixed, I would definitely recommend giving this addictive game a try.

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