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Android 2.1 with Sense UI coming to myTouch 3G

It just makes sense. T-Mobile spent a ton of time and money customizing HTC’s Sense UI for their upcoming myTouch 3G Slide and they will be bringing it to multiple devices. Techland scored a meeting with Andrew Sherrard, the VP of Production Innovation for T-Mobile, who revealed that first generation myTouch 3G owners will soon get an upgrade that modifies the vanilla Android UI to match the updated UI found on the Slide (codenamed Espresso).

The myTouch 3G Slide launches in June, so expect an upgrade for the original myTouch 3G to follow that. For an in depth look at the new “Espresso” UI, check out our hands-on video of a leaked ROM. No mention was made of the G1′s future, but hackers have already been able to get the Espresso ROM working on their device so maybe T-Mobile will release the same upgrade.

This is an interesting turn of events because we always heard that Google was in charge of the software updates for the G1 and myTouch 3G. We assumed they would remain stock Android devices, but T-Mobile has decided to change direction and go with Sense UI. As long as the devices get upgraded, customers should be happy so T-Mobile can load whatever they want on their phones. Those users who prefer the vanilla Android experience, can always hack their device and load the latest CyanogenMod (or the thousand other custom ROMs) and still get Android 2.1.

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Source: Techland

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