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Android 2.2 desktop spied on Nexus One

4 years ago 47

Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart has taunted us before and he is back again with a new YouTube video. In his latest upload, Ryan is showing off the latest version of Flash 10.1 on his Nexus One. Adobe gave all their employees Android phones and we recently learned that Flash 10.1 is tied to the release of FroYo (Android 2.2).

It appears Mr. Stewart is one of the lucky few to be running Android 2.2 on his Nexus One. At the tail end of the video (around 6:30 mark) we get a quick glimpse of his home screen. New desktop elements include an updated launcher, Android tutorial, and new global search box (picture after the jump).

Google is expected to unveil Android 2.2 at this month’s Google I/O. An increasing number of visitors to our site are running the latest FroYo firmware so it appears the update has been finalized. For a list of possible features, check out our Android 2.2 preview.

Update: It appears several Adobe employees are running the FroYo build. It also sounds like the giant FroYo sculpture has arrived at the Googleplex.

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[Thank you Christopher for the detective work]