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Dell Streak 5 confirmed for late summer on AT&T

We had a strong feeling the Dell Streak 5 was coming to AT&T and now Michael Dell himself has confirmed it. For his keynote speech at the Citrix Synergy conference, Mr. Dell surprised a packed house by pulling out a Streak to show off the Citrix Receiver app. His demo only lasted one minute, but Dell told the crowd the Streak 5 would land on 02 Telefonica in Europe next month and that would be followed by a late summer launch on AT&T.

Earlier reports had placed the Dell Streak 5 around a late August, early September launch, but this is the first time a U.S. carrier has been announced. We believe T-Mobile also has their eye on the device and a version with support for T-Mobile’s 3G was spotted on the FCC’s site. However, AT&T was the first carrier to partner with Dell when they announced the Aero, so it makes sense they get first dibs on the Steak.

Some expected we would see the Streak by now since Michael Dell has been flashing it around since January. Early prototypes of the device ran Android 1.6, but Dell is said to be working around the clock to upgrade the firmware to Android 2.1. Depending what we learn next week at Google I/O, I guess it’s possible Android 2.2 might even be included.

“This will be available starting next month, first with our partner 02 Telefonica in Europe, then later this summer with our pretty good partner here in the United States, AT&T.”Michael DellCEO Dell

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Source: eWeek

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