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Game On: Google continues to staff up for Gaming

Last month we saw Google hire a Developer Advocate for Games and now they are looking to further bolster their games division by casting their net for a Product Management Leader for Games.

To be clear this isn’t exclusively related to Android; Google did just buy a multi-platform game developer last month (LabPixies) and I’m sure Google is going to leverage them for more than just Android game development. LabPixies strength appeared to be puzzle games though and hopefully with Froyo’s newfound might, the boost from the NDK (r3) and the raw power that many Android handsets are wielding these days Google has more ambitious gaming goals in mind as well.

Beyond in-house development one of the listed responsibilities for this position is to, “Establish partnerships as necessary to drive the growth of Google’s products.” So working in tandem with the Developer Advocate we may finally see some of the larger game development houses pulled into the Android fold.

Gaming in general and specifically 3D gaming has been an acknowledged weakness of the Android platform for awhile now so watching Google take some positive steps toward correcting the issue is gratifying. Here’s hoping we will see the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later.

What game or genre of game are you most looking forward to seeing receive some Android love?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Google

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