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HTC sues Apple for patent infringement

HTC responded today to the Apple lawsuits by filing their own patent infringment claim with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States. The complaint outlines five HTC patents infringed by Apple products, but we do not have specific details on which patents yet.

Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s vice president of North America, said, “We are taking this action against Apple to protect our intellectual property, our industry partners, and most importantly our customers that use HTC phones.”

Virtually everyone in the mobile industry has patent lawsuits against a competitor, so this comes as little surprise. Expect for this HTC vs. Apple ordeal to be tied up for years in court unless a settlement is reached. With HTC gearing up to launch an iPad competitor, it sounds like the competition with Apple will only continue to grow.

Update: Gizmodo has obtained the details of the five patents HTC is suing over. “Two are related to power management, two are over personalized phone dialers, and one’s over a telephone dialer with easy access memory.”

The web of mobile lawsuits.

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