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LG spends big on Ally promo, forgets to turn on web site

LG might be launching their first Android phone in the United States later this week.

I wish we could bring you some more info, but the employee in charge of turning on the LG Ally website forgot to flip the switch. That Iron Man 2 commercial that leaked on Friday began playing in heavy rotation on ABC and ESPN this weekend. I was watching the NBA playoffs (go spurs go) and I must have seen the ad a dozen times by now.

At the end of the TV spot, viewers are directed to visit This site just redirects visitors to a landing page which states “Check back on April 30th for the complete LG Iron Man 2 experience”.

You might have read a lot of rumors about the LG Ally, but you can throw most of them out the window. People were originally thinking this device was similar to the high-end LU2300 “Aloha”, but the Ally is clearly a different phone as we saw in the ads. Our sources tell us this is a mid-range Android 2.1 phone featuring a 600 MHz processor and likely headed for Verizon.

Hopefully come Monday, the employee will return to work and remember to turn on the site.

Update: A detail spotted on the LG site says “Free augmented reality comic and app”. The LG Ally, pictured in the middle, clearly has the Verizon logo on it.

LG Ally is in the middle.

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