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Mobile Spy delivers an app for those that like to watch

4 years ago 27

Retina-X Studios studios announced an update to their Mobile Spy software today which now offers a complete monitoring solution geared towards parents and employers.

Previously the service (which costs $100 a year) offered the ability to remotely monitor call, SMS, browser and GPS logging.

Apparently that level of observation just wasn’t cutting it as the most recent version has added several new features for tracking whoever it is that you don’t trust. The new additions allow the subscriber to read the full text of all emails sent and received as well as the ability to view every photo and video captured by the device.

The software is loaded onto the Android device via an .apk install and Retina-X assures subscribers that it is a “full stealth install” and that once installed it cannot be detected by the user.

I can appreciate that parents are worried about their children and what they are doing and to a lesser degree I get that employers have an interest in the whereabouts and activities of their employees, but this latest update seems like it is pushing into creepy territory.

Any opinions on whether this is going too far for either parents or employers?

Update: Tim Strazzere has a report on the “full stealth” mode.