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Special plans are being created for the Sprint EVO

You want 4G speeds on your Android phone? Show me the money.

Our friends over at Android Central have obtained some leaked Sprint documents which detail the upcoming service plans for the HTC EVO 4G. No pricing was revealed, but the we learned that “special plans are being created” for the EVO because it is the first dual mode 3G/4G handset offered by Sprint.

And what about that mobile hotspot feature that allows up to 8 devices to share the internet connection of the phone? Yup, there is an extra plan for that too.

“The Sprint Mobile Hotspot feature requires an attachable plan code. This code carries a monthly reoccurring charge. The cost of this plan, and the code itself, will be revealed at a later time closer to the launch of the HTC EVO 4G.”Sprint Hotspot Plans

The EVO 4G with mobile hotspot add-on could be one of the most expensive service plans around, but Sprint is offering a premium service that will attract some high-end customers. I’m sure there are many readers who are ready to get the EVO on day one no matter what the cost.

Special plans are coming.

Source: Android Central

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