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T-Mobile delivers Motorola CLIQ XT update

Even though most of their phones are still stuck on Android 1.5, we have to give Motorola some credit for their flow of updates to their T-Mobile lineup. The original CLIQ has received four updates since its release and now the CLIQ XT gets its first update.

T-Mobile has gone to extra lengths to ensure a problem-free roll out by performing public beta tests at their official forums. We like this new approach and wish more carriers would take note how T-Mobile is managing their OTA updates. Motorola even assigned a dedicated employee (Moto_Mark) to monitor the beta and respond to all customer feedback that came in.

Thanks to their advantage of an early start, T-Mobile has become one of the best carriers at successfully executing a software update for Android phones. Others like Sprint are still learning as 90% of their Samsung Moments are running a non-current software version. I’ll spare our regular readers from even mentioning the Droid 2.1 delays.

The 1.31.44 software update for Motorola CLIQ XT includes the following changes:

  • Improves Overall Phone Performance
  • Visual Voice Mail Enhancements
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Camera Correction
  • Screen/Display Performance
  • Text Messaging Improvements
  • Touch Screen Enhancement

An upgrade to Android 2.1 is currently planned for Q2 2010.

Via: T-Mobile forums

Source: Motorola (Release notes)

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