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Verizon Android tablets from Motorola, Samsung and LG in Q4

We already knew Verizon was working on Android tablets, but we had no idea of the manufactures or release dates until today. According to Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, customers should expect that the first tablets will be Android devices from contenders including Motorola, Samsung and LG. These Android tablets will go head to head with Apple’s iPad and Verizon expects to sell many of these gadgets in the forth quarter.

No specs have been revealed, but look for manufacturers to utilize next-generation processors running Android 2.2 or greater. Most tablets will feature ARM-based cores, like the NVIDIA Tegra 2, but keep an eye out for some Intel-powered devices as well.

In addition to tablets, Verizon also revealed they will have up to five 4G LTE handsets by May 2011. McAdam said the front-runners to provide LTE handsets included Motorola, HTC, LG and RIM. Verizon has been testing their LTE network and expects to cover 30 markets with 100 million people in 2010.

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