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Verizon’s next Motorola Droid sequel comes out of the shadows

As a tech blogger, I often wonder how new leaks come about. Sometimes they are completely random and surprise us and others feel like they are being controlled by the actual companies about to launch a new device. Either way, get ready for the Motorola Shadow hype machine to go into full gear next month.

Yesterday we got our first look at Verizon’s next phone in the Droid series, codenamed the Motorola Shadow. Now we are to believe that someone conveniently left their prototype phone at the gym and it became front page news on Gizmodo.

The specs of the next Droid are impressive to say the least. It appears Motorola has finally dropped the Texas Instruments OMAP processor and adopted the more popular Snapdragon platform. In addition to a 1 GHz CPU, the Motorola phone sports a 4.3-inch screen, 8MP camera (capable of shooting 720p video), 16 GB internal storage, and HDMI out.

Rumors suggest the Motorola “Shadow” will run Android 2.2 with Motorola’s Motoblur.

We expect new high-end phones to have the latest version of Android, but even more shocking is the possible release date. Gizmodo’s source claims we could see the new Droid as early as June or July. Given the fact that Verizon is already printing out quick-start guides for the new phone, I would say chances are high these rumors come true.

If all of the specs are to be believed, this new Motorola phone will become Verizon’s top Android prize. After playing with the EVO, I can say the 4.3 inch display really makes a difference (coming from 3.7 in) and the HDMI out is a welcome addition. If Motorola actually releases this with FroYo Android 2.2, it will see a noticeable performance improvement over all the HTC Android 2.1 phones still waiting for an update.

Current Droid owners will likely be attached to their physical keyboards, but anyone else looking to upgrade their first-gen Android phone should keep the Motorola Shadow on their short list.

Source: Gizmodo

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