May 03 AT 1:22 PM Matt Demers 6 Comments

Wii Controller Demo lets you manipulate your phone via remote

While it might not be review-quality yet, Wii Controller Demo could be a few steps away from letting you control your phone via WiiMote. The application uses bluetooth to connect remotes (and their extensions) to your phone, allowing the app to recognize its inputs. Sadly, it doesn’t do anything more than that, but with time we could see the ability to map buttons to controls, letting those without physical keyboards enjoy a more┬átactile┬ásensation to their Android gaming.

Wii Remotes have already been able to connect to computers via Bluetooth; the functionality is built right in. However, it’s nice to see someone taking it a step further and offering a solution to those who want to be able to game better, but don’t want to buy extra peripherals such as the Game Gripper. Interested Wii owners can download Wii Controller Demo from the QR code at the right. You can be sure if the functionality expands we’ll be reporting it.

Source: Engadget

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