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Not Call Log: Control of post-call behavior is mine!

When I first got my Android phone, my “making a call” scenario would play out the same. I would pick up the phone, make my call, then grumble in annoyance as my phone lamely went to the Call Log. Yes phone, I know that my last call was to my wife, but thank you for showing me information I already knew, since I JUST HUNG UP.

I realize that it’s really just one click, but never in the usage of any phone have I wanted to see a log of a call right after I made it. Many comments in the market also elude to users accidentally dialing people as a result of stray finger movements while undesirably in the Call Log.

Enter one of the most magic and sadly necessary little apps: Not Call Log. Not Call Log does one thing, and it does it well. It “hijacks” the default behavior of Android, and lets YOU decide where you want to go when a call hangs up. After installing the app, you select it from your app drawer, and it will present you with a list of available locations your phone can go. Although I personally chose “Home”, you have the ability to pick other actions such as the dialer or a specific app. To handle some slower phones, the selector window also gives the user a “delay” slider to allow the phone to finish the call before Not Call Log attempts to go to your chosen location.

Suddenly, your phone will behave as you want it to. Or as one commenter says in the market reviews:

“Finally! I don’t need to throw my phone at a brick wall! Thank you!” -Ty (Market comments)

A little intense Ty, but well said.

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