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Sprint Hero gets Android 2.1 uniting Sprint devices under Eclair

Hero owners I know you have waited long enough so you can feel free to skip down to the full upgrade instructions from Sprint at the bottom of the post. For the rest of us lets take a moment to celebrate the end of OS fragmentation for this CDMA segment of the Android world.

Well not the end, but a brief cessation of hostilities. It may have taken a little over 4 months to do it, but right now all Android owners on Sprint can be running Android 2.1 if they so choose. It may actually remain the lone version of Android on Sprint for the immediate future as they are only scheduled to release new devices with 2.1 as opposed to some on the GSM side that are still serving up Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices.

Verizon can nearly claim this same feat, but as Jay pointed out below the Motorola Devour is still holding them back.

Now you will probably be quick to point out that the next 24 hours will likely end Eclair’s reign as the most advanced Android OS version available, but to that I say shut up and let me enjoy this.

Alright the moment is over; who thinks they are getting Froyo and when?

Upgrade Instructions:

Before you start the download, make sure:

  • You back up your data
    • To save important text messages, forward them to an email address:
      • Tap the Applications tab and then tap Messaging
      • Select the text message you want to save and hard press it; you will see a menu to Forward the message
    • Any installed applications downloaded from the Android market must be re-installed. To re-download applications:
      • Tap the Applications tab and then tap Market
      • If prompted, sign in with your Google account credentials
      • Tap My Downloads
      • You will see paid applications in the list shown
      • Take note of the free applications on your phone, as they will have to be searched for again and downloaded manually after the update
  • Your Hero has a fully-charged battery
  • You have the USB data cable that came with your Hero
  • You have closed all running applications on your computer and disabled standby and hibernation modes
  • You have installed HTC Sync on your computer
    • Go to HTC’s support site
    • Click on the Download link for HTC Sync
    • Select Run in the dialog box and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation
  1. To download the update software, go to our HTC Hero download site
  2. Download the RUU ROM Update Utility and save it to your computer desktop
  3. Double click the .exe file and click Run in Windows XP or Yes in Windows 7
  4. On the Welcome Screen, be sure to read the caution message and Read Me file; check the box next to I understand and click Next
  5. On the next screen, follow the steps listed and click Next
  6. You will see the message Verifying information on your Android phone. Please wait…
  7. Once the verification is finished, you will see current information about your Hero such as model ID, image version and language; click Updateto proceed
  8. The screen will show information about the update; to continue, click Next
  9. You will receive a confirmation message that you are ready to update your Hero and the approximate time it will take; click Next to begin the update installation. Note: It is very important that you do not remove the USB cable or launch any programs during the update installation.
  10. The update is complete when you see the message Congratulations! Your ROM update has been completed. Your Android phone is now ready for use.; click Finish to exit
  11. Your Hero will reboot and be ready for set up

Via: Engadget

Source: Sprint

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