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Quickdesk: A beta home “replacement” with a twist

Twitter user @Ruqqq has recently announced that a beta version of his Quickdesk home “replacement” application is now available on the Android Market. I use the replacement term very loosely, as the application is not necessarily meant to replace your home screen, but rather acts as a supplement or enhancement to it.

Quickdesk is basically another homescreen that you can access by double tapping your home button twice in succession (clicking home once still takes you to your main homescreen). Immediately the Quickdesk homescreen pops up over whatever you’re doing, giving you access to whatever applications and widgets you happen to add to Quickdesk.

What’s really cool about this app is it allows you to quickly launch an app from directly within another application. Are you in the Gmail application but want to make a quick phone call? Simply double tap the home icon while still in the Gmail application, then click on phone or contacts and Quickdesk will take you there. No more having to go to the home screen, launch your app drawer, and pick the application you’re looking for (providing you have that application in the Quickdesk screen that is).

The Quickdesk UI has a  5 x 4 icon view, providing easy access to as many as 20 applications or bookmarks (or 12 apps and a 4×2 widget, etc).

Though Quickdesk is still in beta version, it feels as if it’s an almost final release. I have been using this heavily for a few hours now, and haven’t had a single problem getting it to do what I wanted it to do. Overall it just feels very slick and polished, and is implemented very well.


  • Quick, easy access to your most-used applications/widgets
  • 5×4 home screen for maximum app availability
  • Acts as a supplement to your home screen, not a replacement

Things I’d like to see in future releases

  • Multiple Quickdesk screens. This would be epic.  And yes, this is the only flaw I’ve found.

Final Verdict: Quickdesk is a convenient addition to the Android platform. Though it will not be for everyone, I strongly recommend giving this app a shot.

Quickdesk-add-stuff Quickdesk-homescreen quickdesk-move-item Quickdesk-with-At-Bat-in-the-background

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