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Nexus One receives Android 2.2 FroYo build via OTA update

Most Android fans dream of an Android 2.2 upgrade, but Nexus One users have been enjoying it for almost a solid month. Google released several FroYo versions starting with build FRF50, which was followed by FRF72, and now we have the latest build of FRF83.

A new over the air update began hitting Nexus One phones tonight and it appears to deliver the official version of Android 2.2, which corresponds with today’s release of the source code. Users can manually download the OTA from Google HERE and install it, but that file only works for users currently on build FRF50.

The best way to upgrade your Nexus One to the latest firmware build is to just check for it. Browse to Settings > About phone > System updates and you should receive a notification to download the update.

I was currently running FRF72 on my Nexus One and about to waste a lot of time downgrading to FRF50 (so I could jump to FRF83), but I received the update as I was typing this post. The update was very minor (644 kb) and installed in several minutes. Nothing appears different from the last build, but I’ll spend some more time with it and report my findings tomorrow.

If you have a Nexus One, please let us know if you received the update (FRF83) and which carrier the phone is operating on.

Update: Here are some more instructions for those who are asking. All these notes pertain to people running an unmodified T-Mobile stock version of Android. No stock update is available for AT&T models at this time. If you have a custom ROM loaded, then refer to developer of that ROM.

  • If your build number is ERExx, then you still have Android 2.1. The instructions to get to FRF50 are here.
  • To go from FRF50 to FRF83, download this file from Google, then rename it to update.zip and flash it.
  • To go from FRF72 to FRF83, download this file from Google, then rename it to update.zip and flash it.
  • If none of this makes any sense and you are having problems, then sit tight and wait for the over the air update to arrive shortly.

Via: XDA-Developers

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