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Samsung Galaxy S tipped for July 21st launch on T-Mobile

We have known for awhile that the Samsung Galaxy S could be coming to all four major U.S. carriers this year, but no release dates have leaked out yet. The phone recently launched across Europe and several members of the U.S. press have already received teaser packages which claim the phone is “landing soon”.

A version of the Galaxy S with T-Mobile applications first appeared last month, but the video evidence was taken down and we have not heard much since then. Now a trusted source has told our friends at TmoNews that the Galaxy S could launch on the Big Magenta as early as next month.

If the tipster is to be believed then T-Mobile will launch the Samsung Galaxy S on July 21st. Based on previous rumors and speculation, this time frame matches up nicely with what we have been hearing. Samsung said the Galaxy S would come to the U.S. this summer and T-Mobile is in need of a high-end phone for their Android lineup.

The Galaxy S is a very appealing phone with its 1 GHz processor and blazing fast GPU, but many T-Mobile customers still have a sour taste in their mouth after the Samsung Behold II debacle. Samsung Mobile had claimed that phone would eventually receive an upgrade to Android 2.x, but later decided to only update it to Android 1.6. Hopefully, since Samsung is launching the Galaxy S in 110 countries, they will dedicate more resources to future Android updates and we will not have a repeat incident.

For a preview of what’s to come, check out a copy of the T-Mobile Galaxy S demo which was previously removed.

If you want to burn even more time reading about the Galaxy S, check out the official user guide on Samsung’s site.

Source: TmoNews

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