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Sprint Evo 4G coming apart at the seams for some owners

Reports have begun popping up on several forums that some Evo owners are noticing that the glass at the bottom of the phone is separating from the frame as seen in the image above.

You can catch another example of the problem in the video below from Androidforums user Roman G who posted a scratch test he performed on his Evo screen before returning it to Sprint due to the separation being severe enough to allow him to fit his fingernail in the gap. The beginning of the video features Roman G raking a variety of household objects across his screen which is fairly entertaining (and notably the Evo holds up to the assault just fine), but if you jump to about 2:15 in you can see him describing the screen separation.

Prevailing wisdom seems to be that the adhesive bonding the screen isn’t pulling its weight, but at the moment the problem hasn’t been officially acknowledged by HTC so the precise cause and whether there is a way to correct it remain question marks. Other than causing a little wiggle in your screen this could result in dust making its way underneath the glass and also light leakage which especially in a dark environment can be extremely annoying.

The battery life complaints sound like they are resolving into a non-issue for many users after a week or so and the frame rate throttling can assuredly be corrected via firmware update, but an actual hardware flaw is going to be a little bit harder to correct and could turn into a real black eye for Sprint and HTC if it proves widespread.

So Evo owners have any of you observed this on your device or is everything still sealed up nice and tight?

Update: Here is Sprint’s official response via Facebook. “We recommend that customer’s take their phones to a Sprint Service & Repair Store if they are concerned about their touch-screen. You can locate a repair store closest to you and schedule an appointment at www.sprint.com/storelocator. The store technician will answer any of your questions.”

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Source: Android Forums

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