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Samsung Galaxy S Pro confirmed as Sprint’s 2nd 4G phone

We have heard rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S “Pro” model which featured a full QWERTY keyboard, but no one had outed the device until today. A tipster sent our friends at Android Community a picture of the device which they watermarked and posted for all to see. The original story has now been taken down (which leads us to believe it’s real) so we will have to wait for more details.

Samsung Mobile has a press event planned for June 29th so it might not be much longer before they spill the beans. Pictures of the device reveal a 5-row QWERTY keyboard and a front-facing camera, but the rest of the specs remain unknown. For now we will just assume it has the same 1 GHz “Hummingbird” CPU that is found in the original Galaxy S.

There were rumors flying around late last year that Sprint was testing a 4G handset from Samsung and many believe this is it. Clearwire also announced they would carry a 4G handset from Samsung later this year so it’s believable that the Galaxy S Pro could fit the bill.

Update: So the Android Central post is back up with a few new pictures and more details. A look at the back of the Galaxy S Pro confirms it will be a 4G handset and feature a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The source also claims Sprint will launch both versions of the Galaxy S – the regular that is touchscreen only and the “pro” model with a five-row keyboard.

Sprint Galaxy S.

The Sprint Galaxy S PRO 4G.

Source: Android Community

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