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Popular satirical news site The Onion releases Onion News Network app for Android

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot into a college classroom (and millions of people who haven’t for that matter) has very likely seen a local publication called The Onion. Proclaimed as “America’s Finest News Source”, it is a purely satirical website that offers news stories that are almost completely made up and leave readers in a state of mild hysteria.

The Onion has announced the release of an Android application that provides access to the entire Onion News Network (ONN) video catalog. Users will be able to watch the latest episodes, sort by show, get easy access to popular segments, and search the large archives of previous ONN stories.

What’s so great about watching old news stories you ask? Well, unlike real news, the Onion’s news stories are essentially timeless and provide a quick laugh no matter whether you’re reading news from today or from two years ago.

So are you a die hard Onion fanatic? Simply enjoy a good laugh? Check out the free Onion News Network Android app and start enjoying hilarious stories from the convenience of your Android phone. Methinks you won’t be disappointed with this one.

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