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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap reveals new Androids from HTC, LG, and Motorola

T-Mobile is gearing up to release the Samsung Vibrant and Motorola Charm, but a leaked roadmap indicates at least five more Android phones are headed to the carrier later this year.

First, it looks like the newly announced Motorola Charm will launch on July 21st, the same day as the Vibrant. Then in August it looks like we have the CLIQ, CLIQ XT, and myTouch 3G scheduled to receive their long awaited Android 2.x upgrades.

In September things get interesting with a new Android device named the HTC Vanguard. That will be followed by two Android devices from Motorola, the Jordan and Beyond, which are listed to drop on November 3rd.

Next we have the long rumored HTC Project Emerald to launch on November 5th, which could turn out to be the chapter of T-Mobile’s Sidekick franchise.

Finally, it looks like T-Mobile will launch their first Android device from LG sometime in November.

If you are a long suffering T-Mobile customer that has been waiting to upgrade your G1, start saving your money and hope the HTC Emerald lives up to all the hype and rumors. I’m also really curious to see what Motorola comes up with to compete against HTC. It was reported they would deliver a 2 GHz phone, so we will wait anxiously.

Source: AndroidSpin

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