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Androids, assemble! The Big TX Android BBQ is coming soon!

This October marks the two year release of the G1, the first Android device many of us came to know and love. Soon, it will also mark one of the largest, wildest, most beef-fueled, community-organized gatherings of Android fans ever attempted. The Big TX Android BBQ will be thrown on October 3rd, at the Fiesta Gardens in Austin, Tx. The event is being hosted by the likes of Android Swag, Android Guys, @thedroidguy, @bigkeivan, and of course, Android and Me.

For a measly $25 (until Aug 15) you get all-you-can-eat BBQ, a totally rad free tee (designed by our own Angie Strickland), all the Android fellowship you can handle, and maybe some special guests. Aaron from Android Swag has been wheeling and dealing trying to land solid entertainment and guests for the BBQ but so far has been keeping his surprises close to his chest.

To make it as easy as possible to attend, Aaron even lined up a discount code for those flying Continental. Using the code ZJE9896123 will get you a cool 10% off flights and we are still working on lining up some hotel (or even some camping) discounts for people who want to spend a few days here in Austin.

If you’re looking to fly free, you may want to check out the big contest currently being run by our friend @thedroidguy. He’s giving away round-trip airfare to the event and you can enter to win simply by tweeting.

Free Tee Contest

limited tee

limited tee

To get some BBQ buzz going, we are going to give away three free limited edition exploded Andy tees to three random tweeters today. To enter, simply tweet about the BBQ with the hashtag #bigandroidbbq and include a link to this page (http://bit.ly/9bHcGr), the BBQ page, the Android Guys announcement- really just anything talking about the BBQ.

Tomorrow at 5PM CST I’ll announce the three winners. These tees are out of production, and the one’s we’ve got left are from a special pre-production run. They won’t be printed again, so this might be your last chance to win one…

Orrrrrr you could catch me on the Android Guys Thursday Night Podcast tonite, where I’ll be giving away another set of tees. Last week on the podcast with @scottyabrown they made the official Big TX Android BBQ announcement and this week he is nice enough to have us back on to fan the flames and give away some more free stuff.

I should stress that these aren’t the tees you actually get for attending the BBQ, that tee you can see here. These are just some of the very last of our limited run of Exploded Andy tees from artist Gary Booth.

To Recap

BBQ coming in October, just $25, comes with crazy food and a free tee. It’s a no brainer. If you can get yourself into the area around that time, you should be joining us. Listen to the podcast tonite for more details, or keep an eye on the official site or the @androidbbq twitter account for more updates as they develop. See you there…

$25 (until Aug 15) – http://bigtxbbq.com/attend

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