Jul 16 AT 12:50 PM Taylor Wimberly 195 Comments

Early adopters report: How do you like your new T-Mobile Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S phone to hit the U.S. when T-Mobile put it on sale yesterday for $199. It sounds like most T-Mobile locations didn’t even have the phone on display, but many of you waited outside for your local store to open.

We know a lot of our readers picked up the Vibrant yesterday and we want your impressions of the device after 24 hours. Was the Super AMOLED display all you had hoped for? Does the overall speed live up to your expectations? Have you put that super fast GPU to use with some 3D games?

Please share your feedback so that other T-Mobile customers on the fence about upgrading can make up their mind. Let us know if this was your first smartphone or what previous Android phone you were coming from.

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