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Samsung has a cure for iPhone 4 users with antenna problems: A free Galaxy S

Steve Jobs may be giving out some bits of plastic to help iPhone users make calls with their phones, but Samsung has come up with a better plan for at least some of the troubled iPhone users in the UK.

Earlier this week Samsung UK Mobile began reaching out to select individuals tweeting about their problems with the iPhone 4 or their difficulties deciding on their next phone and sending them a free Samsung Galaxy S. So for those of you that feel like you are screaming into the void when you are whining about something on Twitter, just remember sometimes it can pay off.

Samsung isn’t a complete white knight in this situation as the individuals that have been selected have for the most part been involved in marketing or publishing thus guaranteeing fairly significant visibility for the campaign, but you have to give Samsung credit for a clever PR move.

One of the most recent tweets suggested that they will still be giving a few more phones away so if you are in the UK and in need of a Samsung Galaxy S it can’t hurt to give tweeting your sob story a shot.

Via: Wired UK

Source: @samsungukmobile

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