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Samsung looks to upgrade their Android reputation with Galaxy S updates this summer

Samsung doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to upgrading their Android smartphones with the latest version of the operating system. Customers who purchased the T-Mobile Behold II are stuck with Android 1.6, Sprint users with the Moment will not see updates past Android 2.1, and many people with the international version of the first Galaxy never saw any updates and were stranded with Android 1.5.

The Korean handset maker is looking to turn that around with their new Galaxy S lineup of phones and Android 2.2 will be their first test. Samsung made it clear during their recent Galaxy S launch party that Android 2.2 was a priority and they were working hard with their carrier partners to get the updates out in a timely manner.

So how long will it take Samsung to release their Android 2.2 updates?

Current rumors and speculation suggest that will happen in September, but several test builds of the Android 2.2 firmware have leaked out and it could happen sooner.

Members of the open source development community have already flashed these test builds on their Galaxy S phones and it sounds like most of the new features in Android 2.2 have been implemented and the final firmware is nearing completion.

Even if Samsung does hit the September target for Android 2.2 updates, it is likely to be behind their closest competitors. HTC and Motorola already have Android 2.2 builds in the hands of testers and we expect to see some over the air updates in the next couple of weeks.

Samsung still hopes to pass HTC in smartphone market share and I believe the Galaxy S could be the device to push them over the top. However, they still need to execute this software update and prove they will stand by their phones and continue to support them after release. Other handset makers have experienced growing pains during these massive Android rollouts, so hopefully Samsung has been taking notes.

I have a feeling Samsung is awake now and finally taking Android serious, but I’m curious to see what our readers (and disgruntled Behold II owners) have to say. Do you think Samsung can pull off a successful rollout of Android 2.2 in a timely manner?

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Source: Samsung-Firmwares

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