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Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup – which one will you buy?

If you haven’t heard, Samsung is making a run for HTC’s spot in smartphone sales and is poised to make a huge splash with the Samsung Galaxy S. The phone is already available in markets across Europe and Asia and the U.S. is expected to see the Galaxy S hit store shelves by mid July.

While other manufacturers have tied up their cutting edge Android phone with exclusive deals at different carriers (Verizon has the DROID X and Sprint has the EVO 4G), Samsung is taking a slightly different approach.  Rather than going with only one carrier and hoping the phone is enticing enough to make people switch their service provider, Samsung will be releasing different variants on all four major carriers and a few regional carriers as well.

Every time a new top of the line Android phone comes out, we get a sense that a lot of you are willing to jump carriers in order to get your hands on the latest and greatest hardware.  This time around, things should be a lot simpler.  If you’re happy with your rate plan and service, just walk into your carrier’s local store and get the phone you want.

Granted, there’s are a few differences between the different variations of the Galaxy S, but we’re pretty confident that they are not significant enough to jump ship and look at another carrier. Feel free to let us know if the Galaxy S is the right phone for you and which one (AT&T Samsung Captivate, Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, Verizon Samsung Fascinate) you’ll be picking up on launch day.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. He started HTCsource.com (the first HTC blog) back in 2007 and later joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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