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Sprint and HTC show others how Android updates are done

Sprint appears to have won the race to FroYo as they will reportedly begin rolling out the Android 2.2 update for the HTC EVO 4G to a test bed of customers tomorrow. The first batch of over the air updates are slated to start at 12:00 pm CST on July 30th and if everything goes well they will begin proactively pushing it to a broad audience on August 2nd.

Verizon was rumored to update their Droid line of phones next month, but Sprint has been hard at work with HTC on Android 2.2 for the EVO and beat them to the punch. In a leaked internal document posted at Engadget we can see that Sprint made Android 2.2 a “high priority for competitive reasons”.

This update is significant because this is the first time we have seen the carriers, handset makers, and Google work so closely together in order to push these updates out in a timely manner. Android 2.2 was announced at Google I/O in May, released to OEMs in June, and now test builds are in the hands of carriers.

HTC is mostly responsible for the quick turnaround by finishing the tweaks on their Sense UI to make sure it took full advantage of all the new features offered in Android 2.2. These custom skins have traditionally slowed updates down by as much as six months or longer (right, CLIQies?) so it’s a good sign for other Android fans that their wait might not be as long this time around.

It also sounds like HTC has completed Android 2.2 updates for most of their other new phones. The Nexus One received it already, the Desire is rolling out any day now, and the Incredible’s version is in testing. This now puts Motorola and Samsung on the clock who we expect will have Android 2.2 updates in August and September respectively.

If you have an EVO and want to upgrade to Android 2.2, we will be on the lookout to the official download link from Google’s servers. Check back soon for a manual upgrade guide.

EVO update

Sprint's update schedule for the EVO.

Source: Engadget

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