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GEICO releases Insurance Glovebox app for Android

GEICO announced today the release of their Insurance Glovebox application for the Android Platform. The Insurance Glovebox application provides users the ability to get an instant insurance quote, pay your GEICO bill, and view your insurance cards.

Once you find yourself in an accident (hopefully never), you can use your phone’s camera to take pictures and submit a claim, as well as find nearby car rental, taxi, and towing companies, get step-by-step instructions on how to change a tire, download GEICO ringtones, and view your favorite GEICO advertisements on YouTube.

I will disclaim that I am not a GEICO customer, and personally have no use for the GEICO application (other than perhaps the ringtones and the rental car and towing information), so we are relying on you GEICO-using readers out there to report to other folks on how well you like the application. Care to share? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.

Insurance Glovebox is available free of charge, and should work for all Android versions.

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