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Android 2.1 running on nearly 60% of all Android phones

4 years ago 13

Google’s latest bi-weekly Android distribution numbers indicate a continual growth trend for Android 2.1. In the past two weeks, Android 2.1 has grown from 55.5% to 59.7% of the overall Android platform. Android 1.5 and 1.6 took another huge hit, reducing their combined market share from 41% to 35.6%.

While the growth of Android 2.2 from 3.3% to 4.5% may not be quite as impressive, we’re looking forward to Google’s next report which  should take into account the HTC EVO 4G’s Froyo update along with that of the HTC Desire and Motorola Droid.  We don’t have any concrete numbers on how many of these handsets are actually on the market, but the OTA updates on these three phones to the latest version of Android should be enough to hold back the growth of Android 2.1 next time around.